Happy birthday, Melody!

In all the chaos of the holidays, Melody’s birthday snuck up on me! And strangely enough, I know multiple people who were born on the 31st or the 1st who have this same complaint. Sorry, Melody! But I did remember in time and even managed to snap some photos in the midst of a crazy busy weekend.


Melody just joined the family this year, so I don’t have a deep well of photos of her. I was excited and hopeful as soon as the rumors started about a Civil Rights doll, long overdue. When actual pictures of her surfaced, I was in love! I saved for her and her stuff for so long, so when a friend and I went to the store the weekend of her launch, I was able to come away with a good portion of her world.

I really love the Sonali mold and I think Melody is just adorable. She’s also probably the coolest of the historical dolls. I loved her books as well –she’s a sweet, enjoyable character who tries hard. The Amazon movie… not so much. I watched it curled up with my Melody only to be heavily disappointed by such egregious changes from the books.


Considering Melody is living in Detroit, girl needs some warmer clothes, and I haven’t done much yet in the vein of sewing for her. But I will! She looks cute in just about anything you put her in. I can’t get enough of her in her little New Years/birthday dress.


I’m so happy to have her in the family, and hopefully by next year will have a little bit more substance for her birthday post! I’d hoped it would at least snow and I could get pictures of her outside but no such luck. I’ll probably do another shoot with her soon once she’s in her PJs, just because she’s such a cutie.


Happy birthday, Melody!


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