2016 In Review

Back in January, I set myself the challenge of making 25 dolly things in 2015, knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to but willing to try. After all, I made a baby this year, which counts for a lot but also takes up a lot of time. I also added a bunch of new girls to the family. Let’s see where everything landed!

Make 25 in 2016 Challenge


  1. Cordelia’s nightgown
  2. Evelyn’s nightgown
  3. Delaney’s birthday dress
  4. Cullen’s Hilamshiral Outfit
  5. Deirdre‘s yellow ruffle dress
  6. Cordelia’s underthings
  7. Colonial dress with checked apron
  8. Rosie’s gold informal gown
  9. Flora’s minty romper
  10. Acorn dress
  11. Blue knit shirt
  12. Melody’s Saturday at the Shop Dress
  13. Brown school jumper
  14. Altered MG Meet Dress
  15. Blue zigzag baseball shirt
  16. Pink starry baseball shirt
  17. Purple skirt
  18. Christmas blanket & pillows
  19. Kit’s blue gathered dress
  20. Lenore’s black and red dress
  21. Fitted back colonial gown
  22. Holiday dress #1
  23. Sparkly pinecone dress
  24. Gingerbread haute couture
  25. Holiday dress #4
  26. Vivienne’s Open Jacket & Pelisse
  27. Blue & Black Polka Dot Dress
  28. Green Plaid Colonial Day dress
  29. Colonial Hooded Gown
  30. Caroline’s White Floral Regency Dress
  31. Rosie’s Golden Sacque Back Gown
  32. Pink striped Colonial workgown
  33. 1950s Shirtwaist dress
  34. Nellie’s Blue Collared Dress
  35. Molly’s Blue Jumper
  36. Half credit: I’m over halfway done with a quilted Colonial gown
  37. White chemise


38. White toboggan hat

Custom Dolls

39. Ariel doll
40. Rosie
41. Nina
42. Flora
43. Lenore
44. Combined for one credit: Kit’s restringing, Ellen’s new face, Josefina’s rewigging


45. 17 doll books
46. 9 doll necklaces
47. 3 sets of dolly paperdolls
48. Christmas cards, Easter postcards, and rewards of merit cards
49. 2 holiday crowns
50. Brown wool scarf

WOWSA. So even lumping similar items together, I hit 50!! And if I counted them each separately I went way over. And interestingly enough most of this stuff was done after I went back to work post maternity leave, when I had even less time than before! Becoming a mom has taught me just how much I can get done in the 3-4 hours after my son goes to sleep (assuming that he stays asleep, of course…) I’m not positive I haven’t forgotten to include something, but since I reached my goal, I won’t lose any sleep over it. 😉

New Girls

An overwhelming number of dolls joined the family this year, largely due to some massive restoration efforts I began last winter while I was pregnant and restless. I won’t include the dolls that were visitors in this list, but the ones who have permanently joined the family.

  1. 18th century Rosie (significant restoration)
  2. 1950s Nina (restoration)
  3. modern Margo (eh… didn’t need much work but a little)
  4. 1960s Melody (launch day!)
  5. modern Lenore (significant restoration)
  6. 1950s Maryellen (Christmas gift)
  7. modern Flora (restoration)


Happy blog-birthday

I thought to myself as I started this post “wow, you know, I think this is my first full year of blogging.” LOL I have lost my mind. When I actually looked back, my first post in this blog was on December 26th, 2013! How did I lose track of THREE YEARS? Time really has flown by, and I’m so grateful for the awesome blogs I’ve found to follow, and for the lovely people who look at and even comment on this blog! This whole thing really has just been a guilty pleasure for me, so thank you for humoring and even supporting this silly little corner of the web. Dolls, sewing, collecting, blogging, and seeing what wonderful things others do with their collections has brought me so much joy. Here’s to another three years of it!



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