Wowee, Christmas

I don’t usually do big present round-ups, because it tends to make me feel a little bit guilty about how much stuff I have. But this year was quite the Christmas for myself and my dolls, and I do love making lists, so I thought I’d still do a round up. It’s helping me get a grip on everything that rolled in this month and make sure it all gets entered into my giant organization spreadsheet.

So let’s start with me. My darling husband and mother went in together to get me Maryellen, which I’d posted about a few days ago.


They also got me Maryellen’s skating outfit/accessories and her books, both of which are especially cute because of the reasoning. They’d requested a list of things I’d like for Christmas, which was mostly doll or sewing stuff, but my husband specifically chose those items because he knows I like to dress all my dolls up in winter stuff together, and because he knows I like to read the books. It means so much to me that he’s actually putting thought into what he buys based on how I enjoy my dolls. So sweet! He’s also firmly in the camp that I not rename Maryellen and insists he doesn’t even know who Ellen is, even though I’ve had her for about 4 years now…


Ok, but more interesting, onto the girls’ gifts! These came from so many sources –my mom, my husband, my stocking, an Amazon gift card, a crazy American girl sale, and a big gift after my bonus.

  • Tinuviel: white fur cloak and green leaf necklace
  • Maryellen: poodle skirt outfit, cherry play outfit, Scooter!, pajamas and hair curlers
  • Ellen: a new head! I’m having a hard time adjusting… more on this soon. she’ll also get her legs restrung soon.
  • Kit: completely restrung!
  • Rosie: new hair, green necklace, spoiled with clothes
  • Melody: bedroom accessories, OG pink dress with pillbox hat, OG gardening set (I may also get Bo this weekend, though I’m SO mad I forgot to put him in my bag during the sale…)
  • Ivy: ’70s OG accessories (sunglasses, record, purse)
  • Modern girls: several necklaces, pink lacy OG boots, 3 pairs of glasses, blue purse
  • Delaney: blue beaded necklace
  • Caroline: skating coat
  • Josefina: Hairstyling set
  • Nellie: tightened arm, blue dress
  • Emily: Skating outfit (Maryellen’s, so she and Molly can skate together; Maryellen will get Emily’s snowsuit!)
  • Molly: blue jumper dress
  • Nina: blue shirtwaist dress
  • Vivienne: gorgeous etsy dress and Cameo necklace
  • Samantha: two sets of paperdolls

For everyone: There are two big joint gifts this year! However, both are still in progress… the first is a bookshelf full of books! I still have more books to make, and the bookshelf needs finishing, but it’s the thought that counts. 🙂 You can see it in progress up above. The only obnoxious thing is that the official AG little books are too big and have to go in slanted. Someday I’ll solve that problem in the real doll house.

The second is the amazing new American Girl kitchen, which I managed to grab with a 20% off coupon back in November. It’s been back-ordered but is supposed to arrive this Saturday, ahead of schedule! More on that once it’s arrived, of course.

I’m hoping to get some more sewing, bookmaking, and necklace making in before the week is out, so a few more gifts may trickle in for the dollies. What an incredible Christmas this has been!


(Also, even though I don’t write about non-dolly life here, I will say: this was a fantastic Christmas. My grandfather passed away last Christmas, so it was a rough one. This Christmas was my son’s first, and he’s also the first of his generation in my family, and taking him home to be with our family, some of whom he hadn’t even met, was such a blessing. This blog is so focused on stuff, but I just wanted to take a moment to say that while I am extremely grateful for all of the things I received this year, the real joy was watching my son love and be loved by our family. He has been the greatest gift of all)



3 thoughts on “Wowee, Christmas

  1. Adorable son and I give you credit for pursuing your interests in the sometimes challenging early parenthood days & nights. I just remember daydreaming about going to a hotel alone to sleep!! Great Christmas presents. I hope to get more items for Maryellen, especially the Pjs and poodle skirt. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, I’m pretty fond of him. 😉 And spending the night in a hotel sounds like a DREAM. I’ve actually been surprised how much doll fun I’ve still had this year! I thought for sure the dolls would go on hold, and they did for a few months, but I’ve managed to find the time somehow!

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