Welcome home, Maryellen!

A new girl has joined our family! She was a Christmas present from my husband and Mom, and though my initial plan had been to rename her Janie, I’m having a hard time doing so. The name just suits her so well.

Not the best picture of me, hair still wet and looking rather tired… Baby did not sleep well while we were traveling, which makes for a tired mama! I was unfortunately far too busy to take a bunch of pictures of Maryellen like I wanted to, so next photoshoot is all hers!

I’m also enjoying her stories so much! Hoping to finish both her books and watch the Amazon movie before the holiday is over. I guess it says something when you start identifying with the Mom in the stories. Maryellen and Caroline both have the sort of moms I hope to be: loving, strong, and fierce. Maryellen’s mom runs a house of six kids! And Maryellen is a well-meaning handful…

I love Maryellen’s relationship with the little girl Angela in the stories as well. If I’d read the books ahead of time, maybe I’d have made my Nina an Italian Angela! Instead Maryellen will jut be friends with my Cuban girl Nina. They are already discussing how they’re going to divide up their clothes.
Originally I wasn’t thrilled with Maryellen, and I do still think American Girl missed an opportunity to do another Hispanic doll with a 1950s Cuban doll. Especially set in Florida! But I’m not going to hold that decision against Maryellen, who looks so very similar to my mom, born in the late 50s. I’m also frustrated that of course, I already have a doll named Ellen, and I really don’t want two Ellens in my collection. However, if Maryellen’s name is going to stick, that would mean renaming a girl who’s been here for years… or else just accepting an Ellen and a Maryellen/Ellie. I’m undecided so far.

Well, time to get to sewing! So happy to have added this adorable girl to the family.


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