Molly’s Blue Jumper

I’m calling this Molly’s for now, though we’ll see if Emily tries to steal it from her. Working through more of my fat quarters and the patterns I impulsed purchased has been fun, and I managed to sneak one more sewing project in before the holidays take all my time. This one is from Simplicity’s patterns with The Dollies’ Dressmaker.


The pattern took a bit of thought to work through, or else I was just too tired to be sewing. I’ll blame learning and unfamiliarity for the fact that despite being super careful, I still managed to sew the straps on backwards and not at quite the correct angle. Oops! Next time I’ll know better and hopefully not repeat my mistake.

My Molly is a little chunky so I used a hook-eye closure.

I also had forgotten how miserable it is to sew with elastic. Well, I say that, but I’ve sewn with elastic before and didn’t remember it being this miserable. The only way I wound up getting it to work was to sew the ends at the sleeve edges, then start in the middle and sew one side, go back to the middle and sew the other. Otherwise I couldn’t hold it taut and feed the fabric through the machine. Took me some mishaps to figure out how to make it work though!


Despite these minor frustrations, I’m still pretty happy with how this turned out. I just happened to have the little yellow ribbon. I know Molly already has a yellow and blue outfit like this, which is why Emily might succeed in stealing it. Molly hasn’t gotten a new outfit in quite a while though, so I’ll let her enjoy this one for now.


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