Nellie’s new blues 

I purchased the Simplicity 1179 Keeper Dolly Duds pattern a while ago but had been waiting for just the right fabric to make Rebecca some clothing. I still haven’t quite found it, but I did decide this blue was perfect for a new dress for Nellie! Two more fat quarters I got for $1 each!I’ll be honest, I get a little confused sometimes trying to distinguish what would work for Samantha/Nellie but not Rebecca. It’s easier to see what things work for Rebecca but not for the earlier girls. But I figure I’ll just keep doing the best I can and if a little historical fudging happens, it happens.

Anyway, for the actual outfit: it turned out way cuter than I expected at any step in the process! The pattern was easy to follow, though I really hate using the tissue patterns. There’s a lot of steps, but none too complicated, and really the longest part was sewing on all those tiny buttons! I finished this thing in two evenings, but had to go hunt for just the right buttons. There are 4 on the placket, 4 on the sleeves, 4 on the kerchief thing, 1 on the cincher, and 2 on the belt. SO MANY BUTTONS!

I also sewed the skirt and used velcro instead of doing buttons of snaps up the back, simply for personal preference on this particular outfit (ok, and maybe a little laziness…) Now that I’ve done it, I like it enough I think I may keep trying to find fabric to make one for Rebecca, and I will definitely be sewing the other outfits that came in this pattern. Too cute!

We also had our first real snow of the year (this is pretty late for Boston…) Here’s Nellie looking wistfully out the window, trying not to notice the dead fly on the windowsill (grrrrr) or think about her arm that’s falling off. Nellie is also getting a limb tightening for Christmas, ha. Poor thing! She’s in good company with Kit and Ellen, who both need some leg work.


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