Nina’s Blue Shirtwaist dress

I’m starting to get in the spirit of 1950s sewing! I’ve picked up quite a few patterns recently, as well as some fabric that to me feels very 1950s. I’m trying desperately to place what decade fabrics could fall in but am nowhere near comfortable identifying yet. However, this feels right to me so I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Nina’s dress is made using Kindred Thread’s Fifties Shirtwaist Dress and two fat quarters that I got for $1 each and buttons I bought a long time ago making this one of the cheapest dresses I’ve ever made. I am more satisfied with how it turned out than I’d expected. The pattern is labeled intermediate, but I’d say this falls on the easier side of intermediate. The whole thing took me about 2.5 hours to sew –with a couple seams I had to rip out, oops. Distracted sewing!

Obviously Nina is still dressed partially for the holidays and hanging out in a holiday parlor, but I thought I’d take advantage of the new backdrop for taking some photos since I was way too lazy to get out my lightbox to grab these and didn’t want to just show off my ugly sewing table.

Check out that crinoline action! At first I worried it was too poofy and then I remembered the 50s were a pretty poofy few years. She’s so pretty!

Although that ONE thread at the collar is driving me nuts. Off to snip it right this second!

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