#61 Continues to Find Herself

I’m still not convinced this girl is staying, but I’m trying not to rush myself and let her take her time to find herself. I suspect she will soon be going to hang out in the closet for a while until I’m ready, especially if there’s potentially  a new doll coming home with me for Christmas AND I am likely getting the GOTY on January 1st. YIKES I’m in a bit of dolly overload. Husband and I were recounting the dolls I added this year because I’ve hit the point he doesn’t know them all. I added a lot of girls to the family this year. All except this girl were project dolls I got for cheap on eBay to restore when my Grandfather’s health was ailing last Christmas and I needed some retail and work therapy. That’s how Rosie, Margo, Lenore, Flora, and Nina joined the family! Plus I bought Melody this year… That’s an awful lot of new people!

Anyway. This girl… like I said, she will probably go into the closet until I’m ready to embrace a new doll which will possibly not be for a while. It’s starting to get a little stressful and overwhelming. However, the curly hair keeps making me think of Ruthie, so as an experiment I’ve put Ruthie’s Christmas dress on her and I’m just going to let her hang out like this until the new year.

I keep going back and forth. Hm. Well, anyway, I’m not going to rush myself and wind up with another Honey situation where I get rid of a doll and then regret it (someday Honey will be recreated, though not for a while. TOO MANY DOLLS.)

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