Rosie’s Golden Sacque Back Gown

I cut the fabric out for this ages ago and it’s been sitting in my project drawer for… probably a year? Surely at least a year. And for whatever reason I found the inspiration Sunday to sew this, instead of the other patterns I cut out this weekend. I can never explain the sewing muse.

Originally this dress was intended for Tinuviel, but it doesn’t actually suit Tinuviel’s correct wardrobe. It sure worked out well for Rosie though, and is a way fancier holiday gown for her to wear than her green plaid! I don’t know if this will stick as her every year holiday gown, but it’s a nice shake up of color.

The pattern is Thimbles and Acorn’s Sacque Back Gown which I’ve used before to make Vivienne’s Christmas dress. Apparently it’s been long enough that I forgot what a beast this pattern is. I think I spent 2-3 days on Vivienne’s gown, but I made this one in 24 hours –no mean feat with a baby to care for too! In stolen moments, though, I managed to put this together, even with all the hand-stitching, and there’s quite a bit of hand stitching in this gown!

I don’t think these pictures quite do the green fabric justice; it’s such warm lighting. At least that’s what I’ll blame my mediocre feelings at the moment on. Because while at the time I was quite pleased with how it turned out, now it’s feeling plain. Which may be crazy because it’s such a colorful dress, with all that gold trim and stitching, so maybe I’m just tired and worn out, ha. 

I had originally bought that head piece to go with this dress, but I actually think it goes better with the green plaid gown Rosie was originally wearing it with! This dress I think just calls for gold ribbon. Too bad I literally used my last inch of that gold trim.

Rosie isn’t wearing her undergarments. Egads! I need to see if I can get her chemise to fit. I have her bum roll on now, though it wasn’t on for these pictures. Oops!

Maybe it’s just that Rosie clearly needs a gold choker to go with the gown, and then I’ll be happy. I’ll see if I can make one for her before I’m taking dolly Christmas photos (which probably won’t get posted until after Christmas. Too much to do between now and then!)

You may remember that when I made Vivienne’s gown, I had a great deal of trouble with the skirt being waaaay too big and sliding down all the time. In fact, I run into that with all the petticoats for my Colonial dolls. This time, I decided to be even more aggressive in my attempt to fix it, and cut about 3/4″-1″ off of each of the waist bands and gathered the petticoat pieces to that. It worked! Rosie’s petticoat fits perfectly with the ties.

I was so inspired getting Rosie’s gown to fit, that I pulled Vivienne out and fixed her petticoat as well! I had to add velcro at the hips to give it a snugger fit than the ties would allow, but it fits beautifully now and she doesn’t mind the anachronism. She’s just happy she’s not stuck full of pins trying to keep it on this Christmas! I tossed her into some of Rosie’s photos too, and I think it’s kind of neat to see the variations. Now I need to use the pattern to make the short gown with fichu! Ooh, actually, that’s a good idea and I definitely have the fabric for it…

Oh hey I also made a work dress for Rosie! Look at that nice bodice point! It’s got an apron and mob cap too. She wears it while running around her grandfather’s property in Scotland and later helping with the sick in Paris. But she is ALL dolled up for the holidays so I’m going to wait to photograph her in it until January. I just wanted to include a picture of it so I’ll remember to count it in my 25in2016 challenge. I haven’t counted but surely I have surpassed 25 at this point, maybe even without counting the books and necklaces I’ve been making!

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