Santa’s Dolly Workshop

Usually around Christmas I get my doll’s some big joint present –and I did this year too! I pre-used my Christmas bonus (I know! that’s not how it’s supposed to work! but I did just once) to buy that AWESOME new kitchen from American Girl. It’s backordered and won’t ship until January, so it works out. However, when it gets here I’ll like play with it for a day and then have to put it into storage until we have more room, unless I feel like modernizing my doll’s kitchen. I might. We’ll see.

I haven’t ever done that before, bought something knowing it would have to hang out until we get a house. I do have a couple pieces that wound up that way as I shuffled furniture around. I won’t usually make a habit of it, but knowing what I’ll probably end up having to pay for Caroline’s parlor, I think it might be wort it for the occasional big item I know I want.

ANYWAY, that wasn’t the point of the post. The point is that I’ve taken a little break from sewing, which makes sense considering I sewed basically every day for several weeks. I’ve been doing some writing, which is nice. But I also didn’t want to leave the dolls completely present-less for Christmas. Their house is all decorated, and I’ve even added a couple decorations this year, so I’ll get photos of that taken in the next week or so.

But I’ve been crafting! That’s right, after years of wishing my dolls had more odds and ends, I’ve decided to make those odds and ends! Starting with some books, paper dolls, rewards of merit, and cards:


And some necklaces.


As you can see, Nina is my secret Santa helper. My goal is to have a book and one other item for every single dollNot necessarily a necklace, but something. Can I do it? Probably not; I have like 25 dolls so that’s pretty crazy. But maybe? I dunno, I’m going to try. Oh my gosh, I’m already overwhelmed. I’ll just see what I can do. I do have some more necklaces to make at least! And plenty of books ready to print.

The books come from a couple of different sources. A bunch of them come from the blog Jinjia Mixed Goods. She has all sorts of awesome free printables on her blog, and also pictures of her neat doll collection, and is also really nice in person, so definitely check out her stuff as well as her etsy shop. She manages to make making books pretty easy, and my dolls are going to be psyched.

Some others come from American Girl Ideas. I’ve only just started poking around this treasure-trove of doll crafts but there’s some great stuff on there that’s just the right depth of involvement for when you’re also finally catching up on Downton Abbey while you work.


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