Totally Unimportant Photos

I can’t be the only one that has dolls chill on the couch or desk sometimes, right? This post is pointless. Usually I only have 1-2 dolls on the couch with me when I’m reading or writing, and 1-2 dolls on my desk with me (usually the one I’m sewing for.) But they’re all in their holiday outfits and it just makes me so happy to look at them right now…


Don’t worry, our heat isn’t on. No melted dolls here!


Poor MaryEllen. Even when I get her someday, she’s not getting that dress back from Nina.


I cleaned up the couch, only to move most of them to my desk. This is how everyone does conference calls, right? Boy do we need a house with more space. Not ONLY so I can have a doll room but… I’m not not already planning it out…

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