#61’s Soul Searching

So a very, very nice person on the doll boards gave me a 20% off coupon, so my husband and I got all our AG shopping done already, and I went ahead and spent my Christmas bonus money to get #61 because I wanted her hair and eyes! My husband said I shouldn’t ever say that again because it’s creepy, but it’s the truth.


I’ve seen some gorgeous pictures of #61 online, and in a way she’s my dream doll: bright red hair, green eyes. Of course she was released after I went to such pains to make my green-eyed red-haired Tinuviel. I figured that #61 would be too similar to her so I just wanted to grab the wig (for Rosie) and the eyes (for ??) and send her on her way.


Well, I’ll be honest. I was disappointed in #61. There, I said it! Her eyes are such a dark green that they just look brown, or if I look very closely, almost blue. I do love her hair, but on the doll, she just looks pretty bland to me. No freckles, classic mold, light skin. Compared to my freckles, soft-featured Tinuviel, she’s not nearly as interesting. She’s pretty but for me, not enough personality.

So I ripped that wig off, and then immediately started having doubts about it for Rosie because I tried it on Flora and it did NOT look good. Like, weirdly really bad. I didn’t expect that. I may still try it on Rosie after the holidays.


As for the doll herself, I’m trying to get better about not rushing to buy and sell stuff, so I tried some wigs on her to see what I thought. In the first batch of wigs, the blonde one left me town. She’s certainly beautiful (reminds me of Isabelle), but is she too pretty for my land of misfit dolls? Who is she?  Also am I overrun with similar-looking wigs or what? I need some variety!


To shake things up, I decided to try the short curly brown wig I have on her too, just for fun. Except I took the little pigtails out and put it on a slant. AND I think I’m in love. But I also miss the blonde… but I’m thinking down the line I may get a Rebecca to put that blond wig on to replace Honey, who I accidentally sold out from under myself (I didn’t realize eBay had relisted her after a purchaser didn’t pay; I’d wanted feathered eyebrows anyway, so maybe it’ll work out best in the long run, but I admit a bit of sadness that I’d just started to get attached to that doll when she had to leave. OK, feelings vented.)


(RIP Honey)

I still don’t know if she’ll stay. As I’m trying to diversify my collection more, she’s not as distinct as I’m trying to accumulate. And getting some money back selling her would be great because I’m feeling pretty guilty about buying her at all when the holidays are always pretty financially tough for us even before we had a baby. But I also don’t want to sell her and regret it and pay full price down the line. So I think for now she’s going to sit on my desk for a couple days, and then maybe go into THE CLOSET and chill there for a while. Because it’s also entirely possible I’m just a bit overwhelmed with additional dolls this year, and I suspect I may be getting one for Christmas too and that there will be a time next year where the new girls (Lenore, Margo, Flora, Nina, Melody, and Rosie; yikes it’s been a busy year!!) will be settled and I’ll be ready for this girl.


I don’t think I’d keep her modern if she stays like that. With that short hair, she could be a 1920s girl but I had always planned a black doll; that might be where GOTY 2017 ends up. She could be a 1930s Ruthie Smithens… Well, plenty of time to think about.


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