Evelyn’s Parade

I recently received an Amazon gift card, and while most of it will go to household stuff, I did treat myself to a couple doll things, such as a couple Carpatina outfits I’d been eyeing for a while. One of those was this pink medieval dress which I thought would work well for Evelyn. I was right! She loves it.


In fact, it drew quite the crowd.




Thanks for the help, everyone.

Regarding the dress though, I wish I’d bought some of the other ones before they sold out! The pink fabric is pretty lightweight but not terribly so. The velveteen ribbon is all lovely. It gives the dress a sort of funny flatness because of its stiffness, but it’s such an interesting and pretty color combination. And I love the little headband. I’m extremely impressed with both this and Margo’s kimono. I also bought the Marie Antionette floral gown but Rosie’s all dressed for Christmas so it’ll have to wait until January. In the meantime, I may try to track down more Carpatina stuff!


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