Rosie’s Hooded Plaid Gown

I know, Rosie’s just getting the royal treatment lately with all this sewing! However, since she’s already dressed for Christmas, Felicity was kind enough to step in and model for me (and has also decided she wants one of these too.)

I’ve wanted to make Thimbles & Acorn’s 18th Century Hoodie Gown for a while, and just happened to have the right set of fabric. I’d intended this blue for more of a summer dress, and the tan for shorts for the modern girls, but first come, first serve! Instead I realized they’d be just perfect for a travel gown for Rosie.


This pattern was a bit tougher than I expected, but not beyond me. The hood itself is the easiest part but the jacket is pretty intense. Darts, slashes, and jagged pieces, oh my! I decided to use hook and eye closure, but it gaps more than I like, so I wound up using straight pins too. That’ll do for now, and once Rosie’s actually wearing it (so I can make sure it fits her, since my Felicity is pretty chubby), I’ll figure out what I want to do. I’m trying to avoid velcro so I won’t have the stitching in the front.

I also figured out a shortcut to press seams. It’s certainly not perfect, but stitching without thread will press seams better than nothing!


Without the hood the dress would be a little too simple for my liking. But with the hood,  I think it may be perfect! A travel dress would need to be a bit simple, comfortable but all right to get a little muddied and creased. I do think I want to figure out a hat for her though… Except she has a hood so maybe that’d be weird…


Guess I’ll need to keep an eye out for the right fabric to make Felicity one or she may try to keep this one!


3 thoughts on “Rosie’s Hooded Plaid Gown

  1. Another lovely dress! I know my dolls are going to be jealous that they are not getting as much attention as your dolls; since most of my sewing lately has been Christmas presents for my mom.

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