Rosie’s Green Plaid Gown

Rosie’s in a bit of a pickle this year, because I don’t have the fabric or pattern to make her the Christmas dress she deserves. Instead, I’d decided to just prioritize the green plaid fabric I bought for her, since that can double as a Christmas dress. It took a while for me to settle on what I wanted to make with it. Something pretty and deserving of the fabric, but not as elaborate as any of her French dresses would be.


I decided on Keeper Dolly Dud’s Colonial Day Dress, because it look distinct from most of the other Colonial patterns out there, and also had just a bit of extra fancy. After all, Rosie’s family is well off, and even though she’d dress down a bit while they’re at their family home in Scotland, she’s not exactly doing a day’s work.


I’d never sewn a Keeper Dolly Dud’s pattern before, but it was fine! Definitely earns its “intermediate” skill level ranking. There are a lot of pieces, and I made myself go slowly and actually read instructions to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. The instructions were thorough enough that I don’t remember getting lost or confused at any point (though full disclosure, once I finish a pattern, it’s like the making of it is wiped from my brain.)


It’s all slightly imperfect, but not too bad considering how labor intensive this was. So much ruching! The fichu bands in particular gave me trouble. Mine wound up a little thicker and slightly less long than I’d like, so one didn’t get caught when I stitched down the ruching. I LOVE that you tuck the fichu underneath them though!

I also love the elaborate sleeves, though I disliked the gathering at the shoulder and wish I’d just done the pleats like on Rosie’s other colonial dresses. I also had a devil of a time getting the basque point at the back of the bodice. It’s… there. Sort of . Hard to see in all the plaid and with the bum roll anyway, I guess.


Then, to be extra fancy, I did up Rosie’s hair. I actually bought that little branch bouquet to go with her harvest dress (which I haven’t sewn even though I cut the pieces out months ago…) but I think it looks nice with this dress as well! And look at that period appropriate barrel curl! She is definitely ready for the Christmas feast, even if the Scottish celebration will be a bit more rustic than what she’s used to in France.


Look at those curls all pinned up! I’ll definitely use this pattern again and experiment with the little details.


3 thoughts on “Rosie’s Green Plaid Gown

  1. That is so pretty! If you haven’t, definitely check out the Keeper Dolly Duds patterns for Simplicity. There isn’t any colonial, but the Civil War, Edwardian/ Victorian, 1940s and 1950s.

    • I have the Edwardian one but haven’t made it yet. Soon though! I should hunt down the others too. I’m afraid I’m turning into a terrible fabric and pattern hoarder, and they don’t necessarily align. I need to go through and actually get fabric for the patterns I have and vice versa rather than just everything that catches my eye, haha

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