Lenore’s Blue Polka Dots

I’ve been looking for something young and fun to make (omg that makes me sound so old!) with this black and blue polka for fabric. Liberty Jane’s Surfrider Sundress pattern looked like just what I wanted. Pockets!

For the most part, the dress was easy to make. Lots of edgestitching and topstitching, which I really enjoy. I find it odd the plackets are fake but whatever. Even the Velcro closure is pretty neat; it’s so easy to get a doll in and out of this.

But.BUT. Sewing those buttons on through Velcro was maybe my least favorite thing I have ever done while sewing. And I’ve sewed through my thumb with the machine. It was miserable. I thought for sure my needle would break or I’d stab through my thumb. As is, my fingers are all sore because I was too lazy to hunt down my thimble. Miserable. I think next time I’ll just sew real buttons and button holes.

But in the end, I’m happy with the result. And doesn’t Lenore look so great?


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