Vivienne’s Open Jacket

I finally got around to finishing the open jacket to Vivienne’s white gown! It was simultaneously pretty tricky to sew and not as hard as it looks. It’s a lot of tight maneuvering and then it pulls together, which was pretty gratifying! The pattern is Thimbles & Acorn’s 1790s Open Pelisse & Regency Dress.

I do find patterns by Thimbles and Acorns tough to follow. They often reference markers on pattern pieces that aren’t there. This one also flat out skipped a step in the beginning having you construct the lining. It’s possible the patterns have been updated to fix these things since I made them but it makes for a bit of confusion at the time as you try to fill in the blanks.

Another frustrating thing is that despite that I thought I followed the box pleats accurately to the pattern, the skirt wound up too short around to perfectly match seams, so it doesn’t come as far aroundto the front as it’s supposed to. That’s pretty annoying but it still looks nice and now I know for next time to make the pleats smaller. Or actually probably only do one pleat.

I do like the results of Thimbles and Acorns patterns, so I’ll continue to make them for sure. I’d like to make another set like this for Caroline I think. And I’m in general happy with how the jacket turned out and thrilled with the dress!

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