Gingerbread Haute Couture

Usually I’m not too drawn to cutesy fabric but this gingerbread pattern stole my heart immediately. And when I was contemplating what to make of it, I knew I wanted something with green accents to balance the red candy canes for maximum holiday cuteness.

Enter Melody Valerie Couture’s Monday Morning Dress. It was almost perfect at first sight, but I was envisioning the dress with more of a gathered look than pleats (also I need a break from pleats…) Which worked out perfectly because I didn’t have enough fabric to do a pleated skirt anyway!


OK, full disclosure, I barely looked at the pattern at all. I’m sure it was very helpful!  I use it to sew the fabric bodice together, but then by the time I started sewing the lining, I wound up just doing a lined bodice the way I already know how rather than with the armscye. I cut out the bands! But then got on auto-pilot and forgot to look up until the dress was done.


So I can’t qualify this as an actual review of the pattern instructions, but as far as design goes, I am absolutely in love. I even did the bow, which I didn’t think I’d like at first, and it’s just all perfect. Usually I dislike the things I make right away, or I’m at least critical of them, but I adore this.





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