Sparkly Pinecone Dress

This fabric called to me at JoAnn’s, I think because it’s not your usual snowflake or gingerbread holiday print (both of which I will be sewing with soon…) I also try not to make all holiday dresses red and green, much as I love that festive color combination. Because the fabric is a bit stiff though, I wanted to use a pretty structured pattern. Unfortunately, you can’t really see the silver glitter in the pictures.


Ok, I just wanted an excuse to use The Cat’s Meow Romper & Dress pattern again. And it went quick and painless this time –literally, no fingers sewn!


When it’s actually time to wear it, I think it’ll call for a fancier hair style, but the sneaker combo is pretty cute and feels very Kanani to me. She’s so pretty in blue! I actually tried using a blue background this time to see if that would help with lighting her. It didn’t. Maybe because she’s not a very high contrast doll? She’s a cutie but proving a real challenge to photograph!



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