Holiday Dress #1

I have quite a few holiday fat quarters to work through, which is being a lot of fun! Although it turns out I’ve stashed away enough modern holiday outfits over the years that I’m not in as dire need of holiday dresses as I thought. This just means there may be some mid-December wardrobe changes! A girl loves options.

For the first one, I had loved this faux-sweater print but then got worried it would be too big on a doll, so I wanted to just do a simple dress. I expected to use it up and then set it aside for children to play with someday. Instead, I really, really like, even though I couldn’t get the pattern to line up perfectly. I think she just needs a black shrug to go with it!


I used Forever 18 Inches’ Versatility Dress pattern, which I may not have needed because I think I have most of these pieces elsewhere. But it’s a nice, very easy pattern to follow, and makes a basic dress that you really can get very creative with, so I’m glad to have it!

I did the circle skirt because I didn’t feel like doing gathers, and I tried it on a doll every step of the way because I’ve had so many problems lately with outfits coming out either way too small or way too big. But this one fit perfectly!


There’s not really much more to say. This pattern is going to get a lot of use. Easy to construct and really just a joy to sew. Here it is, being modeled by this nameless girl… who I keep calling Honey, even though I don’t like that name for a doll, but she might ignore my wishes… but I’m not even sure she’s going to stay… She’s digging her heels in… maybe I’d give her a better chance if she can come up with a better name…




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