Rosie’s Fitted Back Gown

I love this. This is my third (of four) Evoking Period Style gown kits; this time I made the Fitted Back Informal Gown. Maybe it’s my favorite one so far? But I loved the short coat one too…

As usual, these are a dream to sew. They’re fun to cut out, fun to put together, and make you feel like a really advanced seamstress. Even when you manage to do dumb things, which I continued to do!


First, I managed to mess up BOTH sleeves in DIFFERENT ways. That’s total talent. One, I missed the corner and sewed the ruffle along the side as well. The other, I sewed the ruffle on the wrong way. ANd I didn’t noticed until I’d top-stitched as well. What a waste of time!


But other than that, uneventful. I was extra careful with the skirt pleats this time, trying the skirt on Rosie multiple times to make sure it wasn’t going to end up too big. It is just like a couple millimeters too big, and I have no idea how that still wound up happening. Not as bad as the brown gown, and I think sewing on the velcro differently helped. It’s much closer to fitting, just pulls down a little bit in the front.


The colors look fantastic on her. I’ve been frustrated with Rosie lately… I think I may rename her, and I think she needs different hair. I’m just less impressed with this Monique wig as time goes by. It’s dry and wild. Eventually I’d like to maybe see if a #61 wig would work for her, but it’s going to be a while before I can afford more dolly experiments, so for now her hair will have to just be wild!


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