Red & Black Dress

As I continue to work through my fat quarter stash (I’ve told myself I canNOT buy more until this pile on my chair is GONE), I came across one that my Secret Coconut on the AGPlaythings board last year had sent me. For a year I’ve debated what to do with it, but while browsing patterns on Pixie Faire I saw just the one!

I appreciate that Melody Valerie Couture makes such interesting patterns. The price makes me a bit pouty because $9 is a lot for me to spend on a pattern that, because they’re so distinct looking, I probably won’t use a ton. BUT in the interest of supporting home industries, I pay it, and this Gelato Stand Dress will probably be one I make again!


I was nervous because pleats. I am bad at pleats. But every time I do pleats, I get a little pleat-stronger, so I force myself to continue. I like interesting yokes and collars though ,so that part was a joy to sew. And I got to use up another fat quarter for the contrast and lining.

And this one has an interesting arm solution ALTHOUGH I changed it up! You’re supposed to fold those arm bands underneath and handstitch to finish the arm hole completely, but I actually really like the way the contrasting fabric looks, so I’ve left it for now!


Another thing I changed is that whoops, I discovered I’d forgotten to cut out the pieces to make a belt, and my fat quarter of that color was all used up. Fortunately, I had ribbon that’s the perfect match for the red. So there’s a shiny belt instead to go with it!

I also didn’t use a zipper because I am lazy and didn’t want to wait to buy one. Instead I used my beloved snaps. It makes the back of the skirt a little stiff, but I think a zipper would do that too.


OK, and then Jessa’s shortcut this time: I didn’t press the pleats. I need to. I will probably when I’m changing dolls into Christmas outfits because I’ll have quite a bit of dolly ironing to do to warrant dragging the iron up from the basement. Someday, someday when I have my sewing room…

I’m thrilled with the turnout. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty, and the colors look fantastic on Lenore, and now I’m certain I’ll make it again to play around with new combos. Maybe some lace?


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