I started a dolly instagram to post one-off pictures of things I’m working on or what doll I’m hanging out with. It’s silly, but it’s fun. Except I didn’t realize there’s no way to totally divorce it from my normal instagram, so a friend from high school followed it and who knows how many other family and friends saw it. I don’t keep my doll habit secret, but I wouldn’t be broadcasting to family and friends quite the depth of it…

Anyway, I had to make my account private, which is disappointing but at least I can still post and follow other doll accounts. Feel free to follow me! My username is pepperminttwisted and I’d love more dolly followers!

Also, to not go a post without a picture, here’s Samantha watching the dreadful election with me. I redid her make up to talk myself out of getting a BeForever Samantha (I just can’t warrant the money; I’m on a STRICT dolly budget, so Mary Ellen will be my reward for my Christmas bonus and that’s it for me for the rest of the year.) I’m liking it!



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