Wig In Conclusion

You might recall my disappointment a couple months ago when I received some blonde Engel Puppen wigs that were unusable. Well, resolution was not so easy.

I wrote to Engel Puppen’s rep asking if I got wigs with manufacturing defects and was told “no, you just need to style them differently. What kind of glue are you using? You can roll the front over.” I had sent pictures, which should have been enough in my initial email, but I also had mentioned that I’m not new to rewigging. I responded to these suggestions and explained that I’d tried again, but that there was no way to roll the wig under in the front as he suggested, that the glue was not the problem, but I would play around a bit and see if I could get them to work. I was a little miffed at this point for my issue to have been completely dismissed, even with photographic evidence.

I could not get them to work. I had thought about trying to use a straightener but as this would basically be melting the hair into submission, it would be ruined. A few days later, he emailed asking if I’d gotten the wigs to work. I said no but that even if he’d accept returns, the shipping would probably make it pointless. His next response said he’d check his stock and get back to me, and the day after that suddenly I was right all along. He said he’d checked the wigs and discovered that all the bangless blond ones had the same manufacturing default, he saw exactly what I meant now, and he wasn’t going to be able to sell them. He offered to send me replacement wigs, which I accepted.

So in the end, it worked out, but he broke a cardinal rule of customer support: never let the customer realize you don’t believe them. I was head of customer support for a time in my career. The fact is, a LOT of people who write in are either mistaken, caused their own issue, or solve it on their own. But it makes for a rotten experience if you basically let the customer know you think they’re lying or an idiot from the get-go. This resolved nicely enough I would buy from them again, though I’m disappointed I couldn’t get the wigs I wanted.

The replacements he sent me are fun though! I asked for light brown and medium brown. Below are pictures trying them on Flora and Julie. I do like the durable hair texture. The only two things –and this is true about my Kirsten’s wig, which I’d forgotten– is that they don’t have enough short hairs in the back so the mesh wig cap does show through if you have tight braids. Also, the wigs weren’t designed to be pulled back in like a ponytail, so you have to be strategic otherwise wig seams show at the front or sides. But it’s workable.

I don’t think they’re anything special on Flora (MG mold). The brown one on Julie gave me pause because it started to look cute, and then the blond pigtails really made me pause. So I unbraided them, shifted the wig to the side, and look, a rather adorable girl! I had been in the process of trying to sell Julie –she actually did sell on eBay but then the buyer didn’t pay. Now…. I’m not so sure. My husband said she’s cute, and any time my husband expresses an interest it makes me happy. I don’t have a ton of blond dolls and it’s a nice excuse to have another Josefina mold… but I’m also a bit overwhelmed with dolls at the moment, and about to get Mary Ellen (to be renamed!) as well…. For now she’s just hanging out while I think about it. Hm…

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