Kit gets some baby blues

Ok, she’s already got baby blues, but how about a baby blue dress? I’m not sure why American Girl went into pink and pastel mode for her when she dislikes pink in her books and looks so good in blue! I mean, I know why, but I think there’s some rethinking of the target market that needs to happen. Girls love blue too. Anyway.

I got this Gathered Dress pattern by Heritage Doll Fashions ages ago and my recent fat quarter shopping spree gave me just the fabric I wanted… except I had to get creative with some of the cutting out. The gathered bodice is actually two pieces but the gathers hide the seam pretty well!

I also managed to do a lined waistband successfully for maybe the first time ever? Well, maybe I’ve done them before but it felt new, haha. It turned out… ok.

The pattern was easy to follow. Really my only concern is that I think my skirt somehow wound up way too big? It has way more pouf, way more fabric than a 1930s dress should have, but I’m not quite sure how I could have overcut it. Weird! Also the back dress opening went way lower on the skirt than it needed to and gaped open. I added another snap rather than ripping out stitches because it was 11pm at night but I’d do it differently next time.

I even made Kit a little clip to go with it! I need to order more of those little hair clips to make custom ones more often!

I’d like to use the pattern again but experiment with some changes for a modern doll. In the meantime,I think Kit’s looking pretty good for a 13 year old doll, don’t you?

3 thoughts on “Kit gets some baby blues

  1. Kit looks so good in her blue dress. I think most of Heritage Doll Fashions patterns are designed with the poof in the skirt. I think the 1940’s Bubblegum dress came out the same way when I did it.

    • You must be right. I looked at other pictures and they also look poofy. The fabric may relax a bit as Kit wears it. That’s what I get for actually ironing fabric this time!

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