Ellen’s Purple Dress

As promised, I have photographed the redone Marie-Grace’s meet dress. And I have to say, I like it even better on! However… it does not work with the crinoline. I think it’s extremely lame for American Girl to release undergarments that don’t actually fit the clothing, and I wish now I’d photographed wihout it. Uh well, too late.


Look how wonky that crinoline made the too-tight skirt!!


The white background looks terrible, but oddly enough, Ellen looks better in these photographs than I think she’s ever looked. She’s a pretty doll in person, but doesn’t tend to photograph well.

Ellen’s birthday is coming up TOMORROW, and I’ve decided that one way to make sure my dolls don’t get lost with there being so many of them is to give each some special focus around their birthday. Originally I’d thought “Oh, I’ll go do big photoshoots with each one!” but I have a baby and a full time job so that’s just not realistic. But I can certainly do something to celebrate each one.

So these pretty portraits are part one of Ellen’s birthday celebration, with her actual birthday post tomorrow!


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