T-Shirts and Purple Skirts

I have so little clothing for the modern girls and went on a fat-quarter-buying-spree a couple months ago. And last Sunday, while I was dying, I ironed (I know, who am I?) and even, get this, pre-washed the fabric! Which was a shame because it’s basically ruined two, which faded horribly. Lame! So husband took the baby for a few hours so I could quickly churn out a couple of items and boy was it an adventure.

I used the Liberty Jane baseball t-pattern to make both shirts. They’re simple enough, except that using a woven instead of a knit meant the first shirt (the star one) turned out so tight it would barely go on. So for the second one, I made the pieces each wider, and it worked out much better. Although I’m never happy with the way my collars turn out.I think this fabric is just not great for anything that needs to relax. I definitely used the wrong fabric. Hey, I’m learning!


So then onto the skirt. I used Forever 18 Inches Elastic-Back Circle Skirt and boy did everything go wrong. First, I cut out my fabric before reading closely and didn’t notice that two pattern pieces needed to be taped together. Then, once I sewed the panels together, they were waaaay to small to fit around Kanani’s waist. I still have no clue how or why. I had just enough fabric to cut out another panel, which made it wide enough, but the waistband was also just the right size –as in, not in need of gathering.


I don’t know. I have no clue how it got so messed up. Serves me right for sewing when I’m tired, I guess? I’ll give it another shot soon and see if I can figure out the mistakes.


The skirt Lenore is wearing is clearly not one I made: it’s from the holiday skirt set last year. But I wasn’t about to set off on another skirt debacle so late in the evening. Sigh!


Still, I think they look cute. Just for fun, here’s a photo of all my modern girls now that they’re all named. And to think I’d sworn I had no interest in modern dolls… I just hadn’t met the right ones yet!

I decided to try out the white background for the lightbox this time. It’s definitely a little small for more than one girl. On my phone the lighting looked right but once on my computer it’s too warm, and the white shows its wrinkles really badly where the black didn’t as much. I’ll have to try to iron it next time but it’s going to be pretty useless if I have to iron it each time I want to use it… I’ll have to think.


3 thoughts on “T-Shirts and Purple Skirts

    • Those are perfect! Exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to look beyond pixiefaire when I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted anyway. I really need to go to joann’s when they have a pattern sale and just buy all their AG patterns. Thank you for the recs!

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