Marie-Grace’s Altered Meet

So… look. Marie-Grace’s meet dress is pretty awful. I’m not sure why that’s what they went with for her. I can’t believe that possibly was the primary choice among 10-year-old focus groups unless the others were even worse. Especially when Cecile’s meet dress is SO pretty. I’m not sure why they didn’t design the two dresses to compliment each others. Marie-Grace’s should have been a lovely purple or a deeper burgandy or magenta.

Anyway, over on AGPlaythings there was a thread about dying Marie-Grace’s meet, and the results were pretty awesome. Though green was my favorite, I had actually bought a package of navy blue Rit Dye a few months ago intending to dye some shirts of mine that have yellowed with age. Why not experiment?

Well, because I’m sort of afraid of bleach and toxic things and the clean up sounded like it would be a nightmare. But today for some reason, I finally got a bee in my bonnet to do it, so I did. I did it. I even cleaned up both buckets afterwards with bleach, and I survived it all, and the result is fun, though the whole thing was enough of a hassle that I won’t be a frequent dyer.

So I present to you, before and after:

The trick with the dark dyes is to only leave them in the water very briefly. I bet the drses was in the dye for maybe 10 seconds. Basically enough to dunk and swoosh a couple times and then out it came and into a cold water and vinegar bath, and then a cold bath, and then the sink until it ran clear (by that point, it already did). Then through the washing machine, but not the dryer since the dress dries basically instantly.

I like the result, I think! I CERTAINLY like it better than the original. There’s a bit of unevenness on a sleeve band and on the front ruffles (they get lighter up towards the shoulders, which you can sort of see in the picture). I may end up ripping the ruffles off anyway. I’ll see how I feel once it’s a bit dryer and I put it on one of the girls. I think it’ll be an Ellen dress but I might give it to Kirsten as a fancy fancy party dress. I feel like Kirsten tends to get the short end of the clothing stick.


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