Flora’s School Jumper

Sewing has slowed down for my in the past month as my brother and mom visited at different times, we took a big family trip to California for a wedding and a work convention (that was nuts juggling with a baby…), and work has been hectic. Not to mention baby is just now starting to move past a really rough sleep regression. No sleeping baby = no opportunity to sew!

But I’ve been itching to get poor Flora a school outfit because that minty striped romper just wasn’t going to cut it now that the weather’s turning colder. I liked the look of Forever 18 Inches’ Geometry Class Jumper because I’d be able to use the result either for Melody, Nina, or Flora. Originally I intended this for Nina, but once I found those stripey orange tights I decided I’d at least give the jumper to Flora for this year. I’d also considered making a shirt to go with it, and may do that and give the whole thing to Nina next year, although I kind of think Nina needs something colorful…

Anyway, the pattern wasn’t difficult to follow, although I always find sleeves dresses harder to get the shoulders just right on. Probably because I never press or iron my fabric. 🙂 I’d never straight zig-zag stitched a hem before, only ever to finish seams, and I like the way it looks.


The back looks a bit strange just because I didn’t iron. It’s got a cute flared skirt, and Kit was even kind enough to loan Flora a pair of shoes for the look. Have I ever mentioned that Julie/Ivy have the best boots and Kit has the best non-boots? In case you’re looking for outfits that can do double duty. Although it’s driving me nuts that you can see the “heel” of the tights. These might need boots…


It’s getting pretty chilly in Boston though and a sleeveless dress just won’t cut it, so Emily lent Flora her cardigan as well. This is the most borrowed outfit ever, which is appropriate for Flora, whose family is not well off. I think she looks pretty darling though! I’ve tried her with a few wigs, as you’ve seen, to see if I really wanted to keep her like this, but this doll has just stuck, for whatever reason. I love her, even with her light blue eyes! And even though Flora’s style will probably be pretty girly and mostly pastels, I think she’s looking pretty cozy in this get up!




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