Wiggy Disappointment

So disappointing! I ordered three wigs from Engel-Puppen, which is a company that either manufactures or at least carries and sells wigs from the same manufacturer of the old Pleasant Company wigs. They’re not really anything like the new Mattel wigs but as I’ve needed to rewig some white body dolls, they’re have that sort of soft look that those old dolls need (for instance, my Molly has had a “new” wig from Ruby Red Galleria and it’s always looked a bit weird on her). I’ve been contemplating for a while giving Kirsten a wig without bangs so that she’s actually period correct.

The wigs arrived and the two blond ones are unusable! I’ve of course sent Engel-Puppen an email in the hopes that I’ve somehow received two defective wigs and they can exchange them. I’d ordered the long wavy wig without bangs and the braided wig without bangs, both in blond. It’s clear they’re just the same wig except one is braided, and it was clearly not manufactured to be braided because the back of the wig cap just shows clear through without even being stretched onto a dolls head yet. It’s like the hair doesn’t even go all the way across, much less short hairs. And both wigs have a really ugly and visible seam in the front, as though the wig was just sewn together poorly.

Unusable! Even my husband was shocked. I was very happy with the three wigs I’d ordered with them before, so maybe these are just defective? I’d only ever order wigs with bangs from them before. Perhaps I’m discovering why the original dolls all had bangs!

Below is Molly with her new wig. It’s hysterical. The bangs are clearly too long and yet I love it too much to have clipped them yet. I probably will eventually. Probably. She looks like an adorable little nerd. This looks way, way better than the other wig did on her.  And maybe you can see what I mean about the wigs just looking the right amount of soft to match the gentle, round faces of the White Body dolls. I’ll need to do a new school photo of Molly too!

Anyway, I’m sure Engel-Puppen will at least let me return the wigs; they’ve always been very polite to deal with. I’m more hoping that I just got two bad wigs though and they can be replaced because I really wanted the wigs to work out!


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