Never gonna stop

Changing up my dolls, that is! I know I just took pictures and then a #44 wig cropped up on eBay, which has been on my wig-list (ha) for a while. So of course I tried it on some girls, because really, after I took the school photos, a couple dolls just still weren’t feeling right.

So here we have it on Flora (Marie-Grace). Cute, but the hair sort of seems like it’s devouring her.img_7247

Here it’s on Julie. Super pretty. Left it on her for a bit and thought I’d leave it at that, because how pretty is this doll? But then I considered that Marisol hasn’t been feeling right to me, so I thought I’d rip her new wig off and give her a shot.img_7249

Bingo, I think? She’s gorgeous. I kind of can’t stop looking at her? So she’s wearing the wig for a few days to see if it sticks. She looks older than my other dolls, which is funny because often I think the Josefina mold looks younger. She doesn’t look like a Marisol anymore, so if this sticks she’ll need a new name. She’s definitely looking like a STEM girl to me. Also West Side Story?img_7251

Since Julie got the wig stolen from her, I decided just to try the #33 wig on her while I was at it. And uh, it’s really cute?!? I’m still not totally feeling the Julie doll, so Flora has her wig back right now, but we’ll see what happens when the rest of my wigs arrive. I’m trying to sell Julie right now because there’s no reason to convince myself to love a doll when there are other dolls I very much want or I could certainly use the money back. I’m trying to take my time with everything though so I don’t rush myself into or out of anything.

I’ll need to do some school photo reshoots, I guess…img_7248


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