Josefina’s Writing Desk

In a completely unexpected and very kind impulse, my husband bought me Josefina’s writing desk! It’s one of the pieces I’ve been craving for a while, because I love desks and writing and this was a piece of Josefina’s collection that launched and retired in the time I wasn’t collecting. I’d never even seen it in person, and had missed out on a pretty good deal on eBay while I’m currently on a “no spending” lockdown for a couple months (looking at you, unpaid maternity leave.)

Spoiler alert, IT’S ADORABLE. Scale might be a bit silly, but I’m typing this at a pretty small table myself so I can live with it. All the little drawers and compartments are handy (I love storing doll stuff inside of doll stuff) and I love the pattern on the top and fold down parts

It came with Josefina’s original Books and Supplies except for the quill that had gone with the set. According to American Girl Wikia, that set was retired before the desk and some of the pieces added to the desk (and of course the price bumped up a bit). This game me a pretty neat opportunity to compare the original Books and Supplies set with what’s not included in Josefina’s night-time accessories.

I’m missing the old quill, but you can see the old ink well was smaller. I don’t have them in front of me but I think they are both plastic, although the old one looks more like glass. img_6629

Old on left, new on right. On the notebooks, the old one has a leathery cover whereas the new one has faux-leather fabric over cardboard. Obviously the paper colored changed to plain white, and the ribbon color was changed. I prefer the old one.

Similar changes on the ledger. Paper color changed. The fabric on the outside changed as well to be a bit “cleaner” though some of this may just be age and played-with-ness.

In the above picture you can also see the speller, which tipped me off that these are the original books and supplies, not just the added accessories.

Doesn’t Josefina look happy to have her desk? She doesn’t get much new stuff but someday, when I have my dream house and my own doll room, she’ll have a whole little set up for herself that includes her bedroom and her kitchen! Well, now that I’m thinking about it, she’s actually got more items than any one of my other dolls. I’ve her bed, loom, nightstand, bedroom accessories, Sombrita, stove and foods, table, and now the desk, plus most of her clothing (just missing of the meh new stuff, her herb gathering, and her winter stuffs.) Growing up in Texas, I’ve just always been really partial to her beautiful carved wooden things, and she’s one of my childhood girls! Second AG doll I ever got. 🙂

I’m also just realizing that her part is slightly off-center. OOPS.

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