Melody’s Saturday at the Shop Dress

On release day, I bought all of the clothing that was available for Melody, but I’ll be honest, it does’t quite seem like enough. I’m sure she’ll get more next year, but of her five outfits, one’s for Christmas, one’s a fancy performance outfit, and one’s a PJ set. That only leaves two outfits, both of which are definitely summer clothes. So I picked up the Liberty Jane A-Line Dress, figuring I could at least give her sleeves for the fall. 

I don’t really know enough about the 60s to know if she could have worn this dress to school. It sounded in the books like she had a uniform of some sort. So maybe this is still just a play dress, but with how much Melody loves flowers and helping in her grandfather’s flower shop, I thought this could be a Saturday at the Shop kind of dress.

I had a bit more trouble with this pattern, and I’m not sure why because it’s such a simple dress. The front and front side pieces didn’t quite fit together right for me, so I wound up having to restitch some areas to get the arms to fit correctly. I used very small seams, sometimes even small than the 1/4″ the pattern is supposed to have and yet:

The dress came out small! I noticed when I was putting it on her that it’s quite fitted in the chest until you get it over her shoulders. But the back is just too small! I’ve just got it pinned above. Definitely too small for clasps, and even a zipper I think would be tough, so I’m probably going to do velcro; I wouldn’t be crazy about hook and eye on this dress. It’s also so short. I know they wore their dresses short in that time period but eek!

I still like the dress a lot. I definitely need to iron the collar and pleat. Someday when I get an ironing board, I’m just going to need to do a full day of dolly ironing. I think this fabric is precious on Melody, though I realized after I was sewing that means she’s got two green dresses. Uh well, she looks great in green. And from looking around, I think the fabric is at least not historically inaccurate. Might be late 60s instead of early 60s but from what I’ve read, most of her wardrobe is sort of late 60s anyway.

So… I’ll probably make this pattern again eventually and then I can see if it’s still coming out so small or what.


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