Up cycled Blue Sweater

This cut out pattern (I think it’s Liberty Jane’s T-Shirt variations; it’s one of the basic pattern CDs I got when I purchased my design course which I STILL haven’t started…) has been sitting in my projects drawer for well over a year. When I realized I needed to churn out some clothes for this sudden influx of modern girls, I decided I might as well. There’s actually a pink floral pair of jeans I still need to make that I think will pair nicely with it, but since those won’t get made for a few weeks with my upcoming schedule, I decided to at least finish this!

I have to admit, I hate sewing with knits. Hate it! The stretchiness drives my nuts and I never feel like I get the seam I want, even with a crazy amount of pinning. Despite that, I’m pleased with how this turned out, at least from the front. Notice I did not photograph the back đŸ™‚ which is just a bit loose, and the collar doesn’t quite go all the way around in this pattern, which I’m not thrilled about either.

Eventually I think I’ll want to find a slightly smaller ribbon that doesn’t quite bunch up in the buckle. But I think the embellishments really dress this up. It was an ill-fitting shirt of mine back in the day, and now it belongs to this girl! 

See here, paired with white shorts that are AG but I have no clue what outfit; they came with a used doll I bought. And I really don’t think this girl would ever wear those sneakers but I’m out of shoes for the modern girls! Poor dears. And she needed something on her toesies for the photo because it’s starting to get pretty chilly here in Boston at night and in the shade. I think I’m maybe starting to get a better feel for this girl. The name Lenore has been sticking to her… but I really need to do a more focused interview with her to find out who she really is. All I know for sure is that she is really, really stinking cute and I love her even more than I’d expected to.

So much for selling any of these new girls in the near future, I guess. Oops!


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