The Acorn Dress

What did I tell you? I loved this Cat’s Meow romper pattern so much, I decided to immediately make it again. Another instance in which I’d noticed a fabric at the store that caught my heart, and then found a pattern that I just knew would be perfect for it. To get a full range of the pattern, I decided this time to do a belt instead of a bow, a dress instead of a romper, and to play around with accent color in a different.

And this time, the fabric clearly called for this girl. Who is also still not named. I liked Emma but too close to Emily maybe. I’m sure it’ll come to me once I know who she is. Maybe for NaNoWriMo this year I’ll just start exploring these modern girls… it’s a thought!

But to focus on the pattern, how neat are those seams? How precious the ruffles? This is absolutely one of the easiest patterns I’ve ever used with the best results. These are the first two things I’ve made where I’ve thought ok, maybe I’m starting to refine my sewing skills enough that eventually I’ll be able to sell stuff on etsy (which is my dream!) Of course I’ll have to start ironing my fabric by then. 🙂 But at least I’m getting lots of practice finishing seams!

The pattern was even easier the second time around and uneventful… except for the part where I sewed my thumb. Skip ahead if you don’t want to read it! I don’t even totally know what happened because it was so fast, but I guess my thumb was too close and in the line of sewing, and so with the next stitch, under went my thumb! I was so shocked I pulled my foot off the pedal, which of course meant the needle was stuck down in my thumb. I tried to pull my hand away and obviously couldn’t and had this moment of, “Now what? Well, I guess I have to crank it out.” Thank goodness I was at least calm enough to do that instead of hitting the pedal again! So I cranked the needle out. Turns out this machine is one strong beast! It went all the way through my thumb. My nail has a pretty neat hole, and on the other side of my thumb there’s a small bloody spot where the needle just barely poked through. Pretty awful, right? I was so shocked I went and woke my husband up and said, “Um, I just poked a needle through my nail.” He asked if I was all right but I realized there wasn’t anything he could do or that I needed, so I went back to my sewing machine and continued to sew! It left me a little shaky for a bit, but really didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I would have expected. Throbbed for a bit and hurts if I press on it too hard, but really just like if you slammed your finger in a drawer and it’s a bit tender. Crazy! Well, hope to never do that again.

I won’t say it was worth the thumb, BUT I will say that I absolutely adore this dress. I never thought I’d have so much fun sewing modern things, but I adore this and think it looks perfect on… little nameless girl. Olivia? Laurel? No, I feel like she needs a simpler name… Jemma was what I’d first thought for her. Hm…..

3 thoughts on “The Acorn Dress

  1. Um….OUCH!!! I’ve always worried about doing that myself, I tend to sew very fast. I can’t even imagine. I love the dress though!

    The Jess mold is my favorite. I like Jemma. Or Gemma. Depending on how you want to spell it.

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