Minty Striped Romper

I always seem to do things in waves. I’ll buy a half dozen patterns and make none of them; I’ll buy seven yards of fabric and make two things and store the rest; I’ll cut out five patterns and make one of them; I’ll suddenly have a fit of inspiration and sew constantly and make 3 things in a weekend. Right now is no different. I had a fat-quarter splurge at JoAnn’s with the goal of making some outfits for Marisol, Melody, Ivy, and the modern girls. I’ve done mostly older sewing and thought churning out some cute new things would be fun, and those girls are the ones with the least anyway.

So I actually bought six new patterns and cut out four before pausing to sew this Cat’s Meow Vintage Romper. I thought it was a cute pattern and I thought I could potentially make several things from it. To be quite honest, I’m not overly impressed with most of the modern clothing patterns already available (I find most of it either too old or too young for how I want to dress my dolls, or not trendy enough; I wear mostly yoga pants and tunics like a slob, I want my girl dressed up!) But this one caught my eye as having some super cute potential.

Wouldn’t you know it out even cuter than I’d expected. I chose to start with the romper because this fabric just screamed out to me “romper”. There wasn’t quite enough in in the fat quarter to get the ruffle but I wanted an accent one anyway. The princess pinch pleats may be a new thing to me. The method of lining the bodice definitely was and the pattern did a fantastic job of explaining this method, in detail. 

(Eek, I just realized she’s got threads on her butt. Oops.)

In fact, this was probably one of the clearest, easiest patterns I’ve ever used. Great at explaining and illustrating steps. Just involved enough that you really feel like you’re making something. And I’m thrilled with it. Thrilled! I’ll definitely be using this pattern again in the near future, next time to try the dress option.

I even got to use my snap tool for the closures, which are perfect with this sort of outfit. So much faster than hand sewing snaps, and I happened to have a color that matched! Now the real question is: Will I ever do the responsible thing and iron my fabric before using? Sure, probably someday when I have my dream doll/sewing room and an iron close at hand rather than in the basement and with no ironing board…

Also, how pretty is this girl?? This sewing project is making me fall in love with her, even with her light blue eyes. Maybe she’ll end up staying… Flora? Ava? Sophia?  Regardless, I think we can successfully called this girl RESTORED. (She didn’t really need much…)


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