Rosie’s Informal Gown

Another weekend, another Evoking History gown from PastCrafts on etsy. This one was more of a challenge than the previous frock, and again I found myself learning some new things but never feeling too far into deep water. These are really good little patterns, and the kits are quite fun to make.

OK, so things I messed up. The pleats. I’m getting better at them but somehow didn’t understand the skirt pleats for the front and so my middle pleat is much larger. I sewed the skirt together with one piece inside out. But I guess that was about it, which isn’t too bad. OH wait, no. I never read patterns ahead because I’m lazy, and didn’t know that eventually I was going to need to draw up the pleats using the basting stitch to make them fit the waistband, which means my petticoat was just a bit to big. I stitched on velcro beneath the ties to try and make it smaller, but it still is like a centimeter too big… Harumph. If she wears her butt pad under it (she is in the photo above but not in the photo below) it fixes the petticoat but you can’t see the jacket pleats as well. OH I sewed a sleeve on backwards. Ok, yikes, lots of mistakes I had to correct. That’s what happens when you only get to sew at night once the baby is asleep I guess

In terms of firsts, this is the first time I’ve used the fabric band to decorate a skirt and I LOVE the way it looks. Will definitely be doing that again. This is the first time I’ve really successfully gotten a point on a bodice, so I’m glad I learned that trick. I’m also happy with the box pleats on the jacket, though I really need to press these edges to make it all look nice. I want to press that side seam open a bit more too.

So, once again thrilled with the pattern and the notions, and will also be making another of this with different fabric. I appreciate that the pattern taught me that these were informal gowns worn around the home, and sometimes to informal occasions. I would have thought a fancy jacket like that was for going out (I guess Felicity’s tea lesson skirt and jacket set is considered an informal occasion since it’s school?) but can understand how this is maybe a step above a frock but not quite a fancy frock or gown.

Oh Rosie, I love her more all the time. But look at that wild hair! I cannot for the life of me tame it. I don’t know if Monique wigs just are more susceptible to fly-aways or what. In trying to tame it with some water (and failing), I got her magic marker freckles wet and so repainted them with acrylic. It took a couple tries but I think I like where they ended up. That highest freckle is my favorite.

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