Elizabeth’s First Dress

I’ve been eyeing some sewing kits by Past Crafts on etsy for a while, and when they recently went on sale I went nuts and bought four. After a long day of work, I decided to give one a try. While I’d originally intended it for Rosie, it wound up feeling way more Elizabeth to me, which means this girl got her very first own dress!img_6116

(Ok, pending straight pins for the apron, which I’m hoping to pick up today but with failing sunlight and a baby, I’ve got to take pictures when I can!)

The kit was 99% awesome to sew with.The instructions were detailed and great and didn’t have any of the issues that so many other doll patterns do with referencing notches and dots that flat out aren’t in the pattern. I also let this pattern convince me to finish my seams… I don’t know that it makes a huge difference since they aren’t played with by children but hey, the practice can’t hurt, right?img_6114

Another thing this pattern had me do that I’ve never done before is sew in netting to the skirt. I’ve always wanted to go the historic route and just put proper undergarments under the dresses, but I have to admit the netting is great for adding body without bulk. I intend to start sewing netting into a lot more of my doll clothes.img_6115

I love that there’s historical information about the pattern in the booklet. Really my only concerns at all were that I almost couldn’t cut out the full dress pattern. You get pre-cut fabric chunks and just lay the pattern pieces over, which is nice because you’re left with no excess (nice for small apartments like mine!) I managed it but one of the sleeves had to have a smaller seam allowance.

You can’t see it, but I also made Elizabeth a chemise. Poor girl just needs some socks before it gets too much colder!

All in all though, I’m looking forward to making the rest of these kits, and using the patterns with more fabric! I think I will make Rosie one of these dresses, I just will probably use plaid.



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