Cordelia’s Underthings

I was beyond excited to find the Thimbles & Acorns 1870s lobster bustle and petticoat pattern. I love learning about historical underpinnings and would love all the girls to have historical underthings. The pattern was easy enough to follow. I used the panel method instead of ties because I’m a lame seamstress who still doesn’t have twill tape in her sewing kit. I used strips of a plastic grid (you know, those grids you use for like yarn embroidery projects) as the boning and it seems to work ok.

The end result is an adequately exaggerated bum. Unfortunately, the petticoat is so long it shows underneath all of her dresses. In the future I’ll try to make her dresses longer to accommodate for that, and at some point I could try making a shorter petticoat. I haven’t tried yet to see whether just the bustle will hide under her skirts; it might! I also have cut out but not yet sewn a chemise for the girl. But one step closer!


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