More wig playing!

Ok, so my collection of wigs is growing and I’ve got dolls that need them or at least can model. Below are my Monique red wig, an MG wig, a Ruthie wig, and a Grace wig. The dolls are a brown eyed MG, a blue eyed MG, and #26. Also my husband, baby, and one of the dogs sneaking around in the back, hah.

Ok, so #26 looks good in all of them. I think I prefer the MG wig on her, even with the pin curls… but maybe I just prefer whatever I’ve seen her in last because now I like the Grace wig more. I DUNNO. Might just come down to who she is. The light brown hair does make me think of Kanani, that sort of “entire doll is one color” thing. But she’s so pretty!

Ok, I prefer MG with the red hair of these two, probably because the Rebecca wig is just so similar to her own wig. But the truth is I’m not crazy about either of these. I’d tried a blonde wig on her but didn’t snap a picture and wasn’t crazy about that either. I think maybe I just really don’t like her with light blue eyes? I should hunt down some dark blue eyes and see if I like that better, but it’ll have to wait; I’m on a no-more-money lock for a bit…

Again, love her in all of them. For a hot second I almost considered leaving her in the Grace wig because the darker colors are just so pretty. Even the Rebecca wig is gorgeous (hello Hermione Granger?) But putting the red wig back on her made me feel like I got my Rose back so I don’t think this doll will become anyone else.

Moral of the story: I just really don’t like light blue eyes on dolls. New MG may get darker eyes down the road, but for right now she’ll just be a closet doll until I someday decide what to do with her…

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