Marie-Grace’s Faces

For some reason I decided I wanted a third Marie-Grace to play around with. Evelyn is untouchable and I was wondering if I preferred MG with blue eyes after all. I’m unfairly harsh on blue eyes. I have light blue eyes and I don’t like light blue eyes on dolls either.

SO I got a second MG off eBay in a shocking turn of events where no one was bidding on this girl. I worried maybe I’d missed something and she was in terrible condition but nope! She’s certainly in better condition than Rosie was, and her wig is perfect, the pin curls just need recurling.

But this brought to my attention how DIFFERENT each of my MG’s look. I’d noticed that Rosie’s skin is quite a bit darker than Evelyn’s. I”d wondered if the brown eyes made her look a bit darker, and the fact hat her face paint had mostly rubbed off with play. Rosie started as a little girl’s doll whereas Evelyn has always been mine and pretty protected.

But nope, Evelyn does seem paler than Rosie and the new doll both, and also it seems Rosie is a bit tall. Yes, Rosie and Evelyn are wearing shoes and the new doll is nakey, but still you can see there are quite a number of differences in height, skin tone, and head direction. Classic and Josefina molds can look wildly different, but I hadn’t expected so much variety in the MG mold.

Also I think I’m still preferring the brown eyes…

(Also I gave Rosie freckles while I was working on her face paint the other day. And though it took some getting used to, I love them.)

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