Rosie MacKenzie

I’ve discovered the Outlander books and TV show and I am hooked despite the flaws. In fact, some of the flaws make them more fun. Some of the flaws I just try to ignore… but hey, this is a doll blog, not a book blog!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been debating what to do with this girl since I started building her. I knew eventually I’d find the real her and it’s hit me!

Meet Rose MacKenzie, lass of Scotland in the early 1700s. More than that.. I can’t answer yet. I’ve tossed her actual story this way and that. Is she a member of the MacKenzie clan? I’m keeping the last name for now. Is she Scottish or English or even French? Is her family living or deceased? Is she a time traveler or in her own time? I couldn’t tell you. I’ll figure it out eventually.


The outfit is one I purchased from etsy seller fromtheoldrailroad. I’ve actually been watching a number of her outfits for a while because I just think they’re gorgeous. I was impatient to get a first outfit, and tempted by the fact that this one also came with the chemise and correct undergarments! So I caved and don’t regret it. The materials are high-quality (as it’s all upcycled garments), the work is lovely, and I do feel like I’ve gotten some ideas for my own construction of Rosie’s remaining wardrobe from it.


Now the complication of the eyes. I’d wanted a brown-eyed MG for a verra long time. And now that I’ve got her, I wish her eyes were dark blue! Of my red-haired dolls, two are brown-eyed, two have green eyes and only one has blue (ok, I admit, I don’t count Nellie as a full red-head). And at least these days, blue eyes are way more common in Scotland. I thought about changing her eyes right away but I’ve decided to wait. Eventually I’ll probably want another MG doll and maybe then I’ll do some change-ups. For right now though, I think I should probably sit on it until I get to know her more and discover whether her eyes really are blue or brown. img_6003

Anyway, I’m feeling much happier with her! Still lots to figure out about her, and I’ve got some more tartan on the way to make a few more outfits for her. She’s so pretty that I think it’s part of what made me feel so at odds with her in the beginning. I like fiesty, slightly goobery dolls, and she’s just pretty. But now my love is fast growing and it’s nice to have her in view as I continue reading.


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