I can’t believe this works!

I’m disappointed because I’ve discovered I didn’t take a before picture which ruins the magic of this for anyone who isn’t me. But several of the project dolls had pretty bad pen marks and the basic cleaning methods weren’t working -Mr. Clean eraser, baking soda, non acetone nail polish remover, nothing.

So I decided to give benzoyl peroxide a try, especially since my husband just happened to have some. I put it on one girl’s leg in two places, Saran wrapped her legs, and put her in the window. Of course it’s been cloudy and cold the last few days. First I checked after a day but it didn’t look like anything has changed. So I did it again and left it for two days this time.

Do you see that?? Just barely! Right in the middle of her calf there was a big spot of ink transfer, smallish purple dots covering an area about the size of a dime. Now there’s just a faint shadow!! I’ve done one more treatment and think it’ll he completely gone by then. I’m so impressed! And I think I may be on an ink spot hunt with all the dolls next!

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