Ellen’s Yellow & Green Dress

I bought this fabric ages ago and have been saving it because I absolutely love it and wanted to make something special with it. I’d intended it for Tinu but lucky Ellen stole it away when I stumbled across the Heritage 1850s Summer In Blue Dress pattern, especially since I still have about 99 yards of that green woven fabric that needs to get used up.

What can I say? The pattern was easy to follow, although I messed up the lining like I ALWAYS do because I didn’t read ahead, and I didn’t encase the seams on the skirt ruffles because I’m lazy and was tired of sewing with the green fabric. I actually ran out of the pretty yellow and green one and so the underskirt is green, but I might have done that on purpose anyway!


Did I mention there are ruffles? Lots of them. I’m glad gathering has gotten easier over time because boy is it the #1 thing to do in doll clothes.

IMG_5714Ok, I’ve got nothing more to say for once. This was one of the least eventful things I’ve ever made. I didn’t notice until just now that I didn’t make a colored sash. I might hunt down some green ribbon at a later date; I’m sure not using the green fabric to make it!


It’s a very fitted bodice on my fatty PC doll!


My dog Nellie wanted to be in on the fun. Watson was actually sitting pressed against my back as well. Heaven forbid I do anything without them!


4 thoughts on “Ellen’s Yellow & Green Dress

  1. Ellen looks so lovely in her new dress. I have the pattern also but haven’t made it yet. If you have it, the Harriet’s yellow dress from Heritage Doll Fashions is tight in the waist also if you plan to put a chemise, pantalets and petticoat on. My rabbit Lala is just like Nellie; he always want to check out the dolls during photos too.

    • Jessa says:

      I do have that patten! And aww, what a sweet name for a rabbit. I’ve always wanted one. Maybe someday haha. That’s sweet Lala was interested!

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