Cullen is finished… And leaving

So in a truly heartless move, I have finished Cullen’s outfit finally and in the same day have decided to sell him. I’ll keep the outfit which isn’t fit to be sold, but I’m just not feeling the need to have two boy dolls. I thought about saving him for my son, but my son can always have Peter when he gets older or I can make a new one. I could use the money more right now. I need to take his curls a bit and get the final nail polish off him and then he’s off.

But before that, pictures!

So this outfit was inspired by/was my attempt at recreating this outfit from Dragon Age Inquisition:


This is the second time I’ve made an outfit based on a picture (the first being Cordelia’s Christmas dress.) This one felt much more daunting though; perhaps because I was more concerned with accuracy? And though it didn’t come out quite as nicely as I’d liked, it was certainly a learning experience!

I began with this Civil War pattern from Thimbles and Acorns.  However, I needed to add sleeve caps and change the construction of the front of the jacket and a different collar. So I did a bit of trial-and-error pattern combining and altering. The front of the jacket I cut my own pattern piece for, by sketching and cutting with cloth, though I did NOT make a test the way I ought to have. The sleeve caps came from a capped t-shirt pattern though I don’t remember which one… and the collar came from Kristen’s school gown but sewed on backwards.

Before I got to the jacket, though, I made the pants and undershirt, also from that pattern. The pants were pretty uneventful and the pockets are adorable. The linen shirt proved more challenging. It was WAY too small for this plump doll, and the linen allowed zero stretch for putting it on. So I wound up cutting the back and adding ties. Similarly the sleeves came out super tight and long, but as it’s an under shirt I decided to leave them like that; you can’t see them when the jacket is on, and I supposed they’d be rolled up when the jacket is off. I contemplated making the shirt bigger, but it has to be able to tuck into the pants and fit under the jacket, and if it’s any bulkier it wouldn’t. So.

Jacket construction wound up being even longer than the shirt. The hidden pocket in the lining is adorable, and I was proud of myself for figuring out how to get the caps on the sleeves although I wish I’d made them larger. I’d bought gold trim to line the jacket with, a little bit more like the in-game one, however the trim was way too big. Ultimately I decided I actually preferred the sleek look of just topstitching with gold thread, and that allowed me to put the same lining on the collar, which is also not identical to the game but whatever. I didn’t go to the trouble of adding the trim that would wrap around the buttons though, claiming creative license (laziness?)

Sash time! This fabric was the worst to sew with, and I knew that going into. It’s basically just a giant blue scarf I made. I’d made one first that was entirely enclosed, however it made the sash so thick that it looked ridiculous. Since the fabric isn’t too different on the backside, I decided just to roll the hems all along the edges and wrap it around the guy.

The belt is faux leather that has a felted back, super fake looking once it’s off but not bad on. I started with the belt from the pattern but I needed it to be bigger and a bit thinner so I wound up just free-handing it. The buckle shipped all the way from Ireland, and it took me a weirdly long time to find one that wasn’t stupid expensive. I’d thought Michael’s would have one but they only had silver. I just superglued part of the belt to the back of the buckle, but otherwise it functions like a real little belt.

Now, regarding the gloves… I made like 4 different varieties, and in that color with the way AG doll hands are formed, every single one looked like oven mitts. I’m sure someone somewhere could make those gloves look good for an AG doll but twas not I. So I ultimately decided no gloves. I also decided not to do anything special to make the boots thigh-high, though I had planned on trying to make them with the same material I bought for the belt. But why? I’ll try tall boots another day.

That part abandoned means I am finished! Ta da!

A for effort! I’m not thrilled with how it came out but I don’t HATE it and I’m proud of myself for finishing. I think this thing had been in construction for over a year since I cut out the pieces? Since Cullen will be going bye-bye, this will probably become Peter’s Christmas outfit because it certainly looks Christmas-y to me. And I’ve learned a valuable lesson about how much harder it can be to scale things down to tiny doll size.


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