Welcome Home, Melody

I have been looking forward to this girl since the very first whisperings of a Civil Rights historical doll. And bringing her home did not disappoint. Melody Ellison is a cutie!! Her hair is lovely to play with, the dark eyes with that skin tone are just beautiful, and her collection is incredible. I would have begged for that recording studio as a little girl!

Not everything came home with me today (mainly because they rereleased Rebecca’s menorah and Mary Ellen has a FRIDGE) but once nice thing about knowing Melody was on the way is that I was able to save up for quite some time.

So in possibly my biggest splurge ever at American Girl, as a super belated birthday present to myself, I came home with all of Melody’s clothes, her accessories, her travel accessories, and her musical instruments.

The instruments are some of my favorite Mattel items. They really work and my husband and I had so much fun playing with the keyboard and microphone while I sang Baby Beluga to my son as he chewed on the tambourine. Heavy, durable items!

I also got her travel accessories because I couldn’t not. I remember playing with a set like that when I was a little girl, either belonging to my mom or grandma. The little folding cup is the cutest part!

Down the line I may want her neighborhood stuff, and I may even make excuses and get the recording studio. I need a house to put all this in, yes. Someday…

(My husband asked me who has the same mold and when I put them side by side and he insisted they look nothing alike. I agree.)

I’m so excited Melody has joined the line up and equally as excited to have added her to my collection! Of course having a baby means I didn’t get to open things until the end of the day but worth the wait!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Melody

  1. Thank you for posting the picture of Melody and Cecile together. I had been on the fence about getting Melody; concerned that the two looked too much alike.

    • Jessa says:

      Of course! Let me know if you want to post any more comparisons. I think they look way less like each other than a lot of my classic mold dolls do. Different eye, hair, and skin tone make such a difference!

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