A new girl named…???

And the march of the restored dolls continues! MG is progressing nicely into her reborn self and I have a couple photos to share now of her with her new eyes and new wig!

Ok, she’s gorgeous, right? It took m a while to get used to what she looks like because she feels so visually distinct from my other red-headed dolls. Her skin is a little darker I guess, and the brown eyes with the auburn-red hair are very different than Ellen’s red eyes with the brighter red hair… I realize I’m making minor comparisons here… anyway.


This girl needs some identifying and a bit more cleaning up still. She still has a faint purple “scar” on her cheek and her face is still looking kind of dirty to me so I’ll give her another good scrub down before I glue her wig down. Her make up needs a little touching up –mainly the right cheek where I’ve been working on that pen mark and her lips are a little faded on top. But she’s getting close!

And that means soon I need to figure out who she is. Right now I’m thinking Regency, maybe even British regency. She’s borrowing one of Vivienne’s dresses (although it looks so good on her it might get stolen….) so I can decide if this is the time period for her. Charlotte was the name I’d thought of giving a Regency girl years ago, so maybe we’ll end up there… I’ll have to come back and tag this post once I decide!


Anyway, I won’t count her as finished yet until I’m done cleaning and gluing and get her in a permanent dress, but yay she’s coming along so nicely!!

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