Meet 1950s Cuban-American Marisol!

Once we knew American Girl was coming out with a 1950s doll, I was really hoping the rumors that she’d be Cuban were right. Alas, AG did a far cry from a Cuban doll. But once I got this Monique Lulu wig on a Marisol, I thought hmmmm… She could maybe rock a 1950s look, and she could definitely be Cuban.

I cheated with her wardrobe, I’ll confess up front. She has 3-4 outfits now (one might go to Emily…) and I bought them all on etsy. Usually that’s a no-no for me when starting out a new doll because it doesn’t help me develop my sewing chops, but the influx of new dolls combined with having a new baby just meant that the idea of having such a long laundry list of clothes to make and so little time stressed me out. I want to at least get each of these new girls on their feet before I’m headed back to work. My thinking is that someday once I’m catching up on sewing, either I can resell these outfits or, if I love them, just keep them. So, to etsy!

Only one of the outfits has arrived so far and been photographed, but it makes a great debut dress for Marisol Anaya. That’s right, I kept the first name because it’s a really cute first name, and since it means “sea and sun,” what better name for a Cuban girl living in Florida?


I have very little of her story figured out (and by very little, I mean next to none.) She is Catholic, her parents emigrated from Cuba with her older siblings but she and her twin brother were born in Florida. I am literally making this up as I type, haha.

Anyway, there is clearly a lot of work to do here in terms of fleshing out her story, and I’m not even totally sure yet that I’ll keep her… but she’s pretty stinking cute so for now, she is joining the family on a trial basis!


Now a quick note about this dress and the overalls (not pictured, debating whether they’ll go to Marisol or Emily…) I bought them from etsy seller VintiqueDesigns, whose work I have long admired. And the outfits are adorable. You see the precious pillbox hat that came with the green dress, and the overalls will make their way onto the blog soon because I fell in love with them immediately. Both outfits came well packaged, wrapped in tissue paper and plastic ziplock bag to the hat wouldn’t get crushes and nothing would be wrinkled. It was all great…. except that opening the bag, I immediately noticed what I thought was a cigar smell! This isn’t a huge deal for us because my family isn’t super sensitive (and actually the smell of cigar makes me nostalgic for my grandpa). I let the outfits air out and the smell seems to have left just fine. I’d mentioned it in my review and the seller reached out to let me know it’s probably her wood-burning fireplace. I removed the smoky mention from my review and appreciated her reaching out, although the smell was strong enough it would definitely be an issue for smoke-sensitive families. That said, the outfits are high quality and adorable, so if you aren’t sensitive, shop away!

I don’t think I’ll quite add Marisol to the family page yet until I’ve spent some time with her and gotten a better idea of who she is and whether I think she’ll wind up staying… However this does mean Marisol is officially restored! AND I am counting her as one of my 25in2016 things, even if she was mostly just cleaning and rewigging.


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