Josefina’s Locks

Her beautiful locks are back! My childhood Josefina’s hair was a rats nest when I had my mom ship her up a few years ago, so as my very first rewigging I gave her a new wig. But it was never just quite right and I eventually accepted that I wanted her to have her actual wig. So I’ve bided my time for years on eBay and finally someone posted her wig in good condition so I snatched it up! This was way better financially than buying a Josefina with a good condition wig, even second hand.

It’s in perfect condition! Of course I messed up the gluing and had to rip it off to try again (it’s very tight) and will need to pick some glue out of her hairline. I used school glue which I may come to regret since its water soluble. But yay pretty hair!

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