Delaney’s Birthday Dress

Just in time for Delaney’s July birthday! This was made using this pattern for Harriet’s Yellow Dress from Heritage Doll Fashions. I’d had the pattern for a while and meant to use it for Addy, but then this fabric called out to me for Delaney and I decided to test my chops on this pattern with it. It was a bit of a challenging pattern to jump right back in on but I’m gradually getting happier with the result.

IMG_4532 - Copy

The fabric is a pink linen with woven in embellishments. I need to get better at actually identifying fabrics. But it definitely looks like the sort of fabric Delaney’s mom would find in Lothering (fancy but not too fancy) and then hire someone to make a dress out of (she is not a big dress maker.) Delaney is the type of girl who’s favorite color is brown because no one else likes it and because it’s a warm color, but she loves pink and even though she doesn’t generally care about dresses much, she recognizes this is a special one.

I think in time I will love this but right now all I see are the places I messed up. The pattern was good but my first time making one a new pattern is typically a steep learning process.

IMG_4527 - Copy
Oops, Delaney needs some time in the hair spa. She’s looking a bit windblown! And I was in such a rush to get the pictures taken while the baby was on his play mat that I didn’t notice the shadows. Uh well!

It’s definitely an intermediate pattern. There are a lot of gathers, and a lot needing to line seams up just right, and I definitely didn’t manage to get the lining and waistband right. It’s one of those patterns where each piece just takes quite a bit of time and focus. Fortunately the pattern instructions are easy to follow. Oddly enough, this like many other historic AG patterns, will occasionally reference a dot or mark on the pattern that isn’t actually there. In this case it tells you to stitch to a dot on the pattern piece for the skirt, but there isn’t actually a pattern piece for the skirt, just measurements for a block you cut out.

IMG_4529 - Copy
Ok you caught me, I haven’t sewn the snaps on yet. I hate sewing on snaps. I’ll get to them tonight but wanted to get the pictures while I had the chance.

I used the lace that’s used in Christmas dress too but left some stitches exposed since they’re family isn’t wealthy so this is already fancier than they’d normally do. Her mother was really hoping for a little lady after Delaney’s older sisters weren’t interested in the role. It even makes sense it would be leftover lace, maybe pulled from Mother’s wedding dress? Or the baby dedication gown because they aren’t having any more babies?

IMG_4530 - Copy

I suspect this will be one of the dresses I wind up absolutely loving once time has passed. I also think it’d be fun to make again but with different sorts of stomachers instead of just the ruffle, or the sleeves would go nice on another dress as well. A good pattern for pieces!



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